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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2014 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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5 smaller groups for imitate decision and the score recorded back to the larger group. the planters were asked to discuss all items like you opportunity on the site ease the strengthened of the sites and suggestions for improvements. what arose from the feedback from this meeting we were able to identify common themes that arose that includes the need to create more spaces for kids and also to create a clean lawn area for people for both recessions. and in terms of an you opportunity the tennis court was preserved as a part that was not highly used and it would be used
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for something else for the community for the park and also tennis is typically used by two to four players so considering the says that a quarter of the park it was perceived that perhaps the space could be better utilized to provide for recreation opportunities for more people. we then took the comments and created optional schemes for public feedback. and also for voting. the scheme that received the most support is option number 3 in this scheme the tennis court is removed on that plan in order to create an additional lawn area. that scheme shows a people only area that we had heard from the
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first community meeting for people use. running a close second at the meeting was option 2 which also removed the tennis court and created a lawn space but the appeal of that particular plan was the adjacentcy of the people on the lawn with the playground that they were right next to each other. and we have a third scheme which is essentially the it is basketball court and the playground and so this was kind of seen as no change and the that scheme didn't receive many votes at the meeting. so then we posted option 3 that got the most votes. and looked at it providing more information and refine time we
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looked the treatment of the designs and so forth. and at this meeting we received a lot of comments in support for it. and it is seemed like the plan that was shown checked off a lot of the boxes that people were asking for to capitol hill the park but at the same time, we received comments asking for the removal of tennis court. they were a lot of painters and the concern resolving around the tennis courts regarded the number of tennis court win the neighborhood people said there are insufficient tennis courts in the neighborhood and there were comments on the usage it ranged from the tennis courts not being used or used all the
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times. so given the mixes of comments we held a you figured out meeting to reaccess the communities concerns. we looked at the two concerns regarding tennis court first of all, the inventory of the tennis court within the neighborhood we consulted with the usda no right california on the recommended quantity of the tennis courts that should be that in this neighborhood given it is located within the 9411 zip code given the population and area how many courts should be in the area for the in or out california standard it should have 12 to 4
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courts it's actually now 11 this is a 2 and a half to 5 times more than the u.s. t organization recommendation. in addition, we have 3 other tennis courts that's outside the zip that are within walking distance. in terms of the usage of the tennis courts the rec and park department conducted two surveys. each one within a two week period. in the first survey we conducted 16 visits in the morning and afternoon during different times of the day and weekend. the second survey was in the morning and afternoon and we understand and week days we've found similar results amongst the surveys the basketball court
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is used and it is also used but it's higher used than the continuous court and the tennis court is used foyer other activities. we've found that people's dogs and children deputies are experiencing in the basketball court maybe because the basketball court is open to the park and not fenced on all sidess where the tennis courts are. so with the comments we've received from the community meeting and our follow-up research the department then prepared additional plans for revenue. we prepared 3 plans and this was voted by the participants at the meeting he the participants
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could vote for a fourth option to maintain the park as it is currently. although the number of votes for the status quo received the most votes when combining the vote of change the number exceeded the number of votes vs. no change so this is a clear indication that the conditions of the park don't meet the community needs. given that marvin >> can we take a brief pause. >> if you want to do that supervisor scott wiener has joined us he has a busy schedule to marvin why don't you finish. >> thank you very much. and so looking the 3 change options the one option that
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received the most was option 9 it is not a surprise but consistent with the feedback we got at the 3 community meetings. however, the department would like to recommend slight moefsdz to improve the usage of that option a change opposition a to change and locate the people adjacent to the playground we saw at an earlier meeting to have the people only lawns next to the playground. secondly is to combine the tennis and basketball court although a shows a complete removal the department is interested in maintaining both the opportunities for tennis and basketball so combine the two.
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and certainly bans a concept we've received from an adjacent neighbor rather than relocating the basketball hoops but there put them at the end of the basketball courts. so i'm going to show more details. first, the multi use court it's a set up that currently exists in one of our parks you can see in the photograph and the right we've got basketball courts on top of tennis courts. there has been no known conflicts with the types of mixture court and on the left court the basketball hoop is
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integrated with the fencing so to a tennis player this is not an obstruction. secondly there are other tennis court at the park dedicated and however this situation is not similar to our situation at the nov i didn't courts park there are dedicated courts between the playground as well as the christopher playground. the basketball poles again would be located so that they would be at the end of the courts in this photograph the adjacent neighbor has windows that are more than 20 feet above the courts by shifting the basketball poles to the end of the court they've be approximately 40 feet distance from those windows so this
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should address the concerns about the basketball poles being next to the windows. the proposal is also to have the tennis slash basketball court primarily on 3 sides. the fourth side would open up to the park as it does with the basketball court you recall the budget court is used for other activities by situating it this way it will be welcoming to the other activities and because it's a small park we want to not compartment mel's the park to make it feel smaller. and this overhead we have the existing park lay out next to the promoted park the changes
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are simple we've combined the tennis and basketball courts into one that creates a new green space for the basketball where it's located and proposing to dedicate the eastern portion where the western portion will remain the same use as today as general park use. this is a prospective of again, the existing site and also the proposed site. and as you can see in the proposed site the terrace - not the staress but the slopes will be for passive activity but there's the people zone that's a level area for actively usable
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space. and here's kind of a closer up of the proposed plan. in regard to the promoted plan with the rec and park departments dog policy the dog policy welcomes dogs in most of the parks and dogs are allowed off leash in the dedicated areas nov you can't why court didn't contain an off leash area nor does the plan propose it; however, the proposed plan continues to welcome dogs on leasing leash. due to the current staffing levels this is true of our parks enforcement is lateral the police, however, our park rangers will respond to
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containments and there's the regulation of signage that is overall law enforcement by the community and the park ranchers. the estimated costs is that hundred and 79 thousand plus dollars. currently, we have $473,000 plus from funds. and currently, the friends of the nova i didn't park has applied for more dollars to complete the plan in the amount of $706,000 as a result of the application we've know we this fall of 2014. if and when all funding is available to implement this plan construction will begin in the spring of 2017 and end in that
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year >> if by chance the additional fund are not awarded in the fall of this year we have a saving strategy with the current funds we have we'll be able to implement what we call phase one that will essentially be for the renovation of the restroom and make the parks under the community option granted project which mostly will occur on the west side of the park side that includes drainage and pathway improvements and the educational path between the playground and restroom. with those funds we've been able to begin construction in 2015 and complete by fall of 2015. phrase two completed the plan and the scheduled will be
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available upon the fund. so i want to provide an overall summer of the presentation. i'll describe the department held four meetings that were all well attended and there's a need for more space for kids there's a need for clean lawns for people. and so we were able to achieve that by combining the courts to have this lawn we are able to remain all the recreational areas inside the parks and as part of the dog con forms dog policies this will continue to welcome the dog. we have plans for full and partial funding.
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again, here's an image of the proposed park plan that concludes my presentation. >> thank you marvin i'm going to ask conserving we have the third grade class and supervisor wiener is an elected man in san francisco an important man we're honored to have him here today. >> excellent thank you. commissioner thank you for giving me the opportunity and i want to thank the rec and park department and the department of public works lizzie he and she and others involved in the project. i don't want to repeat what you said in my detailed letter to the staff but i support of the staff recommendation the park is an amazing place but a very,
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very small park with a lot of demands on that. and this is i love coming to this commission like delores park approaching a consensus we been able to work with the park and trust me delores park is more difficult but there are times especially, when talking about a small park with a lot of different uses i want to addresses and sort acknowledge we don't have consensus here but we have a solid plan that take into account all of the different needs of the park from the mraurgdz to the folks with dogs and people who want to have green space await dogs or without kids to having landscape. one of the challenges in this park a full half of the park is
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basketball court and a tennis court that is progressively to be one the challenges from the beginning we're supportive of the basketball courts and tennis court and moving forward to renovate the two courts on flint street that are broke down we need to i think show a commitment but here doing the multi use court for tennis my basketball is a good accumulation. i want to really call and a out and thank laura and jessie i don't think he's here oh, lauren and they came together years ago when i was not in office to organize the conditions of the park it's no a family friendly park when you get outside of the
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playground area and, you know, they've done numerous and amazing work over the years and i really want to thank them for that. you know, i know there's criticism of the community i don't agree i think this is a solid process once there were players that participate in the early meetings they were in favor of the getting rid of the tennis court but the third meeting when the community became more engaged we extend the process to make sure those folks who weren't aware of the possibility of removing the court we added additional community meeting so i think the process was a solid one. despite the fact there's not a
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sequence under the circumstances it's good. one thing i want to say is around enforcement issues we're resulted in about rec and park issues not only in the park outside of parking tickets san francisco doesn't do a good job with parking ticket in our planning code we have not prioritized in our budget and when you don't do that you're not going to get combormentd you may have seen this morning i moved a budget package that includes doubling the size of park control. i want to say to the people in the community we need our support it's not going to happen unless we have more park patrol enforcement because police
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officers are not going to go into our parks and deal with park code issues so commissioners you take the opportunity >> thank you very much supervisor (clapping.) you've got the vote of third grade class i want you to know. >> we do have public comment i'm going to read your names off
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(calling names.) >> okay. you can speak into the mike. >> my brother likes going to the basketball court but sometimes he best kind of front yard of the dogs one time a dog bit him he would like to combine the courts so it will be a safer place for him to go. >> thank you. go ahead next speaker. >> can i start? as a 9-year-old well, i go to the park a lot. i think it would be great because it would be more to do mr. there because theirs nothing for any age group i think it be would great we could hang out more and a lot of fun because we'll have more. >> thank you.
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>> next speaker and. >> i'm mary a 9-year-old and i live two streets up from the park. i have a dog and we both go there. and i think renovation is a good idea but i think you should have more space for the dog >> thank you. >> okay. we have michael (calling names) thank you. go ahead. >> how many minutes do we have. >> 3 minutes. >> okay. i'm michael as i said my wife and iology that elizabeth street up from the park so someone you tell that the dining room back on that shows the existing and proposed
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while they're doing that i'll say i resent all those really, really young people next to me and on tv i look really, really old. >> the power point. >> basically, we've lived there from 1974 and active in planning for the first renovation of nov i didn't courts from totally asphalt into the current design. now skip ahead to the end. basically my wife and i support the plan please vote for it. for sure wild to see a quota quota dog free area created and the one in the i guess the north west corner the dog friendly area to the east of that would be fine with us.
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and recent years as we have a granddaughter that starting bringing here to the tomato lot where midmorning or later we'll see half a dozen adults playing with 10 to 15 little kids and maxilloin the area shown as the lawn there's 21st century people with a tennis ball throwing it the length of a court and 21st century dogs running before and after seems like gee maybe we could reverse this and have more people only area and less ever a dog area. the tennis issue back going background now is 1980 a or 81 they renovated it to resurface
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the court at that time, i'm not aware that tennis caught on ever i know hard to believe there was a time when i >> you've got thirty more seconds. >> somehow it was never the place to use so i'm happy to get it combined. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> i'm miriam moss. i'm here to again urge you to regretting reject this plan for nov i didn't park the theme is to get out and play this reduce half of the time and area to play how can we take away play spaces for humans for human
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experience two blocks away is a huge legal off leash park with adequate space that dog's need to exercise the place at nov i didn't court is totally inadequate so dogs will go into the people area they will be off leash the city doesn't have the political will to stop that. and no fencing on the sidelines of the tennis court is for dogs to chase tennis balls i have been placing tennis since the 60s and plenty of people who play for that i can voltage for that. everyone at this park is at the mercy of the off leash 0 dogs.
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you say you'll give an exemption of all dog policies in order to approve this plan this is another signal to the dog community they can rub anywhere with the dogs. we can enforce the rules if we can get the people to enforce them. why should any of us follow the posted rules what will you do if the basketball players refuse to leave the courts when the basketball players want it. there's no sharing posted hours of conflicts. there are too many unanswered questions for us i to adapt this plan what exactly will be the posted plan of time to play what
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guarantee for the fund i community are with the funds why isn't the tennis court fully fences in and why are the signages confusing when we we are told no lines would be planted for the basketball ambassador i want to clarify one thing we don't have one hundred and 51 courts we lost 5 court. >> you are at times. >> thank you. >> (calling names) thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm justin spears i make up 50 percent of the loudest voices for the nov i didn't court